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This is me...

That burning desire to change and to live a life of passion and purpose is not just a dream or a “maybe one day… maybe someday.” It’s possible now… and I’m proof.

I’ve run my own successful business for years and had a six-figure income by building a successful private practice and providing consulting services to various businesses. Although I was making quite a bit of money and was busy; too busy, something was missing. My passion had dulled and I kept asking: is this all there is?

There was a silent scream in my head that kept getting louder and louder. I had sacrificed passion for profit and replaced faith, wonder, and joy with fear-filled living. I needed to change things, but how? Everyone and everything needed me that much, or so my ego kept telling me?

Plus, I was so tired. I’d make resolutions feeling sure that this time I would do it, but slowly the old habits would creep back in.

I had to do something different

….so I did
The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do...Michael Porter

Within weeks of hiring my coach, I quit my consulting jobs and downsized my practice. I pulled together a team of people I love working with… who are as passionate as I am about helping people identify and live their created purpose…. I also limited the number of clients I have at any given time which allows me to GENUINELY CONNECT WITH AND GET TO KNOW THE CLIENTS I WORK WITH!

Welllll….not only am I ..working with my clients the way I always wanted to, my income is greater than before AND I spend time doing more of the things I love! This is a dream come true for me…working fewer hours, making an amazing income, having more time to spend with my family and friends, and working with my clients in a real and connected way. The strategic, focused assistance from my coach helped me to get clear on my personal and professional goals and to employ effective strategies and techniques to help my dreams become real.

I had been successfully coaching and counseling other people for years, but I forgot to put on my own oxygen mask first. I KNOW there are many other people like me...driven, high achieving, full of dreams always giving to others but forgetting to give to yourself…then feeling lost. IVE BEEN THERE ... I can help.

I’m always telling my clients…

I won't sell what I don't believe in

I believe this can work for you too. I would love to show you how.


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