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Why should I work with you DrMax?

...I'm glad you asked
  • Clients come to me for a combination of skills, proven strategies, encouragement, and support that increases their goal achievement and confidence
  • Strong track record of clients who report significant long-term changes once they start working with me
  • I have a one-of-a-kind background as a clinical psychologist, coach, successful business owner, and entrepreneur, and loving human being.
  • Trainer of future psychologists and mental health counselors
  • Taught undergrads as an adjunct professor
  • Focused, goal driven and successful business owner
  • High-achieving, driven woman who's also sensitive, insightful, intuitive and compassionate
  • Deep passion for helping others live a life of passion and purpose
  • Board member Center for Independent Living
  • Non-judgmental Christian woman who loves GOD and who knows how to slay fear
  • Love love looovvveee learning and then teaching others what I learned
  • Avid reader of various genres of literature including romance novels
  • Momma Bear of 3 amazing boys (two are in college pursuing engineering majors, one still in high school focusing on game design and computers)
  • Married for 21 years… yes, the struggle is real… but it’s worth it
  • Strong voice in a household of very strong male voices
  • Seeker of joy.. expect to laugh while learning

Next Steps...

After working with me expect to feel more capable and confident in achieving your personal and professional goals. My passion is helping YOU live your dream by teaching you simple but effective strategies for managing negative habits, fear, self-doubt and procrastination, all while providing you compassionate, accountability-based support.


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