Signature Packages

Igniting Your Potential

I will help you discover your potential and overcome the things that are holding you back.

Is coaching for me if I’m unsure of my created purpose but know I’m are capable of so much more? ABSOLUTELY! One of my superpowers is uncovering who you really are to help you discover your created purpose.

No matter how stuck you feel right now, you’re not alone. Even if you have no idea what it is that you want, that’s ok. That’s where I come in. Using a combination of assessments, questions, coaching, training and mentoring, I can help you… find your true purpose, realign you with your passion and develop strategies for creating a life that is a combination of passion and purpose.

When you complete this you will
  • Identify your purpose and rediscover your passion.
  • Move outside your comfort zone and discover just what you are capable of.
  • Grow in confidence so you are ready to show the world just what you are capable of.
  • Have a personalized plan with clear steps for achieving the goals you’ve identified.
  • Have a better understanding of yourself so that instead of asking WHO AM I? you will confidently state I AM...

Elevating Your Potential

Take back control and be the driving force of your life.

This package is great for those who are confident that they know their created potential but feel unable to fulfill it or want accountability, or guidance as they move ahead. This package is also great for those who completed the igniting potential program and are ready to take it to the next level.

I know your struggle, you went from new year’s resolutions….to declaring it so… to name it and claim it…to vision board and still, you have not been able to create the life you dream of. You feel strongly that 2019 is your year. But felt the same about 2018, 2017, 2016…. and still have not been able to create the life you love… I invite you to consider taking a different path to achieve those dreams you’ve been longing for.

In our 3 months together, we create a simple, clear, totally customized plan that sets you up for success. I quickly spot and help you develop strategies for dismantling the roadblocks that have been holding you back from your true potential, then help you translate that potential into the life you’re passionate about.

If you are ready and determined to do what it takes to make this happen, it’s time to transform from being a dreamer to being a dreamer and doer. You can do it, and I can help. I believe in you!

Private Mentorships

Creating the life you love is easier than you think when you have someone supporting you.

My high-level, one-on-one mentorship is a totally customized, private, 6-month mentorship to help you FINALLY get clear on what’s holding you back, overcome it, and craft the life you dream of. I combine proven assessments that give you deeper insights into who you are, then use effective doable strategies in my unique, proven formula to move you toward the life of your dreams.

The fastest way to realize that dream is to get high-level, one-on-one support from a mentor who’s been there, done that and helped clients all over the world do the same. If you’re looking for the proven fast-track to a passionate life, my brand-new 6-month private mentorship may be just the thing!

Who is this for?

High-achievers who are:
  • Determined to make a real impact on their life and work
  • Determined to get results…YESTERDAY!
  • Ready to learn effective strategies to fast-track successful goal attainment
  • Excited to go all-in to make their dreams come true
  • Desiring simple, clear strategies for achieving their goals, dreams, new year resolutions
  • Desiring proven strategies, accountability, and encouragement instead of tring to figure it out all on their own
  • Willing to work in and out of sessions to create the life they want
  • are ready to go for their dreams now, instead of continuing to wait for “someday”
  • are willing and able to invest their time, talent and treasure into themselves
  • Committed to completing intense work in a compassionate but accountable relationship
  • Ready to step outside of their comfort zone to aggressively pursue their dream life
  • Ready to learn and use effective strategies for mastering the fear and doubts that are keeping you stuck.

À La Carte

Want to try before you buy?

There is something for commitment to shy people too. The A La Carte package allows you to use services as the need arises. Maybe you have a tough conversation coming up and want an objective opinion or strategies for managing this, maybe you have a big presentation that has you feeling anxious, maybe you have a big decision to make and want to explore pros and cons before finalizing.

A la Carte lets you schedule appointments without having to commit to a longer-term service until you need to or are ready to. Same day sessions are available and are conveniently conducted via telephone or Zoom so no need to travel or interrupt your busy day.


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