Welcome to my Blog-Journal!

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Welcome to my Blog! I’m so excited to finally type those words! 

I plan to use this space to encourage you to be different and think outside of the box! After all you are uniquely, fearfully and wonderfully designed. I will also be offering insight on my own experiences to help make your personal journey stress free as you design the life you dream of.

If you want to read more about me, feel free to check out the “About DrMax” page on the site. But here’s a quick peek into who I AM.

I’ve run my own successful business for years and had a six-figure income by building a successful private practice and providing consulting services to various businesses. Although I was making quite a bit of money and was busy; too busy, something was missing. My passion had dulled and I kept asking: is this all there is? I remember that faith filled day when I grabbed fear by the collar and decided to design the life I dreamed of. It wasn’t easy but I stuck with it and on the way, I learned some valuable lessons and strategies that I now teach other women in my Signature Programs.

I want to thank you all in advance for joining me on my journey! I love to write and share my passion with my family and friends. But I also want to make sure that what I share is relevant and useful to you. So please email me, or send me a message on Linkedin, Facebook or Instagram. I promise I’ll read them and respond. I can’t wait to build this sisterhood of prosperous and happy women.

Here we go!!!