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Deep Dive

Creating the life you love is easier than you think when you have someone supporting you.

The fastest way to realize your dream is to get high-level, one-on-one support from a mentor who’s been there, done that and helped clients all over the world do the same. If you’re looking for the proven fast-track to a passionate life, my brand-new 9-month private mentorship may be just the thing!

  • This is not for the faint of heart and is the Highest level of customized coaching.
  • Deep dive into, confront and resolve your personal, spiritual, emotional and financial dragons.
  • Tackle deep-seated fears and their minions (anxiety, anger, depression) to get to victorious living.
  • Overcome stubborn obstacles in each of these areas to achieve long-lasting confidence and change… we tackle the iceberg below the surface.
  • Experience a freedom and self-actualization only a few people do.
  • Experience improved relationships and career issues.
  • 9-months
  • Determined to make a real impact on their life and work
  • Determined to get results…YESTERDAY!
  • Ready to learn effective strategies to fast-track successful goal attainment
  • Excited to go all-in to make their dreams come true
  • Desiring simple, clear strategies for achieving their goals, dreams, new year resolutions
  • Desiring proven strategies, accountability, and encouragement instead of tring to figure it out all on their own
  • Willing to work in and out of sessions to create the life they want
  • are ready to go for their dreams now, instead of continuing to wait for “someday”
  • are willing and able to invest their time, talent and treasure into themselves
  • Committed to completing intense work in a compassionate but accountable relationship
  • Ready to step outside of their comfort zone to aggressively pursue their dream life
  • Ready to learn and use effective strategies for mastering the fear and doubts that are keeping you stuck.

Get to know Dr. Max for yourself and see what you can accomplish together!

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Life doesn’t come with a training manual, so it’s easy to get lost.

Thank goodness for Dr. Max!

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