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What’s so special about Dr. Max?

Dr. Max is a lot like you: Focused, goal driven and successful, so she understands the joys and stresses of that life brings.

She brings you a unique combination of skills and experience as a clinical psychologist, coach, and successful business owner. More important, she’s a high-achieving woman who’s also loving, sensitive, intuitive and compassionate.

Dr. Max’s effective, personal style gets results

  • Track record of clients who have achieved positive, long-term changes
  • Deep commitment to guiding you to a life of passion and purpose 
  • Relaxed and reassuring demeanor for gentle, reassuring but firm guidance

Dr. Max’s accomplishments demonstrate her talents and experience

  • Taught undergraduate psychology as an adjunct professor
  • Trainer for future psychologists and mental health counselors 
  • Board member of Center for Independent Living
  • Board Member of Samaritan Village

Dr. Max’s life reflects her passion for helping

  • Adventuresome, ambitious, adaptable business woman 
  • Compassionate Christian woman who continuously slays her own fears 
  • Married for 23 years and Momma Bear to three amazing boys—knows how to thrive amid strong men!

Get to know Dr. Max for yourself and see what you can accomplish together!

Schedule a FREE Clarity Call with Dr. Max!

Schedule a FREE Clarity Call with Dr. Max!

Life doesn’t come with a training manual, so it’s easy to get lost.

Thank goodness for Dr. Max!

No more “somedays.” No more “when I have time.” Start investing your time, talent and treasure in yourself today.

Life doesn’t come with a training manual. So it is easy to get lost. Thank goodness for
Dr. Max!

What others say …

After working with me expect to feel more capable and confident in achieving your personal and professional goals. 

My passion is helping YOU live your dream by teaching you simple but effective strategies for managing negative habits, fear, self-doubt and procrastination, all while providing you compassionate, accountability-based support.