New Pathways Programs

Uncover the True You

Do you want to finally uncover and understand what has been stopping you from standing in your emotional, physical, spiritual and financial center of gravity? Are you ready to find the True You beneath the daily grind? Then let’s do this. Together, you and I will bring to life the dreams you’ve put off for far too long. Let’s get started today!

My New Pathways programs will make a real and lasting impact on your life— even if you’re not sure where to start or what you want. Work hand-in-hand, step by step with Dr. Max at your side to overcome the conflicts, confusion and uncertainties that keep you in the same old rut. Conquer your fears, hesitations and doubts to find the unique, capable and confident True You waiting to emerge.

New Pathways: Ignite Your Potential -when you are unsure of your Why and your destiny

  • Uncover your inner purpose, your strongest passions, your unrecognized potential.
  • Align those with your values, life’s goals and purpose.
  • Grow in confidence as you uncover your true potential.
  • Assess, define or refine the relationships and resources that will support you on this divine journey
  • 3 months

New Pathways: Elevate Your Potential -when you know your Why but not the HOW to make it happen

  • Enhance your newly uncovered potential to be the unapologetic, unashamed, and authentic YOU 
  • Or start here if you know your potential but feel unable to fulfill it.
  • Dive into and dismantle roadblocks for powerful improvements and balance in your personal and professional life
  • 3 months

New Pathways: Leg Up/Check Up

  • Get a boost when confronting difficult decisions, big presentations, or new situations.
  • Call as needed to explore pros and cons, options and opportunities.
  • Use your phone or Zoom to avoid interrupting your busy day.

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